Friday, February 12, 2010

Who Needs Valentines? I Got Bread in the Mail!

It came! My bread!!! I even walked down the long driveway in sub-zero temperatures just to get it!

I had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of my bread order from Grindstone Bakery ever since I placed the order a week and a half ago. (They only ship on Tuesdays to make sure you get it fresh, and I had ordered too late in the day, the Monday before). How exciting to be able to eat bread again! Okay, I know that sounds a little enthusiastic about mere bread, but hey-- when you're eating mostly raw food, gluten free, and vegan, bread is an anomaly, and the idea of eating a sandwich is really quite exciting!

Besides that, this bread is special. Not only is it gluten-free (made with quinoa and millet), but it is also vegan (no eggs, butter, milk), yeast-free, sugar-free, whole grain, organic, naturally fermented sourdough bread, which is baked at low temperatures in a brick oven by an Italian-born baker. It is truly artisan bread. I ordered four different kinds, and split them with a friend, so we could get a good sampling of their gluten-free breads (They also have just wheat-free breads, made with low-gluten grains, such as oat, rye, spelt, and barley). We got a Plain loaf, a Sprouted Seeds loaf, a Cinnamon & Raisins loaf, and a High-Fiber Flax loaf.

See? Now aren't you excited? Wait till you see my first sandwhich in 6 months:

Now that's something to perk up a cold February day! Mmmmm.... Wanna know what's on it???
Mixed greens, tomato, sunflower seed sprouts (which I sprouted on our downstairs windowsill), homemade guacamole, Italian herb seasoning, and garlic salt. So good... I think I'll be dreaming about it tonight!

Check out Grindstone bakery's website: to read about their philosophy on bread-making (I recommend reading the "Health Benefits" section) and to see what other goodies they have available. (The cookies look pretty good!)

Clockwise starting at "noon": QM Cinnamon & Raisin, Quinoa-Millet w/Sprouted Seeds loaf, High Flax Loaf, Quinoa-Millet Plain loaf

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