Monday, January 18, 2010

If You Do One Healthy Thing Today...

...Try a new Fruit Salad!

This makes a great healthy, quick & easy breakfast. Besides that, having fruit for breakfast helps continue the cleansing process that your body was doing during the night while you slept. Besides that, it's delicious!

Try this instead of your morning cereal. You can even put some diluted coconut milk or banana "milk" (just blend some banana and water) over the top. It's naturally sweet! Or, if you like, drizzle some pure maple syrup or raw honey over everything.

My combination above is:
  • red bartlett pear
  • dehydrated banana chips, halved
  • dried black mission figs
  • goji berries
  • frozen strawberries
A few raw nuts or seeds added make for an excellent muesli. What are some of your favorite fruit salad combinations?


  1. Good Morning Betsy! I enjoy your web site and look forward to reading your new postings. The fruit cereal is somthing I want to try - but need to get to the grocery store! I want to make it exactly like your recipe. You are certainly helping me get a collection of good healthy recipes and ideas. Thank you. Blessings! Mary :)

  2. Thanks Mary! I'm delighted! :)