Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back from Foraging!

... And look what we found!

What a weekend it was! We drove the Eco-Van (see last post) from the Twin Cities to the place where we went foraging-- just outside Menomenee, WI. We started out by meeting our fellow foragers who drove separately... up in a tree house! We went on several "Herb Walks" through the course of the weekend, and learned about wild greens, flowers, fruits, and berries that we could nibble on throughout our stay. We even learned to identify wild catnip, which could be used to keep mosquitoes away! Some of the fruits we found are pictured above: wild plums, wild grapes, even wild apples which were fairly sweet. We also found and ate chokecherries, elderberries, red clover, mallow, lamb's quarter, stinging nettles, and a number of other greens and flowers. Getting some sun was part of our experience, and "therapy," as vitamin D is going to be more and more difficult to get as the next few weeks pass. Each day ended with a campfire and some time in the infrared sauna. It was a very educational and rejeuvenating weekend. :) Would you like to see some more pictures??


  1. Definitely would like to see some more pictures! - Erin

  2. I would like to know what you are using for dressing on your salads!

  3. Hi! The salad dressings here are either vinaigrettes (balsamic or apple cider vinegar) or made out of nuts! The ranch dressing is made out of cashews. Since I can't have cashews, they made a brazil nut dressing for me, which is amazing! I also really love the tahini-garlic dressing. Maybe I could post some recipes in the future...