Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Foraging Pictures!

This is a picture of two different edible flowers. The purple one is called "vetch," and the white is "bladdercampion." These will be making an appearance on top of salads in the future...

Here we had a basket of freshly picked catnip. We are cleaning off dead leaves and putting the catnip in a large jar with water to make sun tea (steeped out in the sun a few hours). You can then drink it, or use it as insect repellant!

A tree full of wild plums! They were rather tart, but the ones on the ground were nicely ripened. We found some larger ones later, at what is apparently the local bear's favorite dining place.

Plums and wild grapes... in a whimsical basket, of course!

Chokecherries. Yes, they are very sour, like unsweetened cranberries. People usually use chokecherries to make jams and jellies, syrups and desserts. However, we learned to love them plain and raw!

Foraging baskets full of food! The greens are stinging nettle and comfrey. They ended up in a carrot juice coctail later on. Those are the larger, sweeter plums. Delicious!
Plums and grapes and an apple. Yum.

These are Elderberries. They were sweeter than the chokecherries. Really, quite tasty. The Herbalism students were going to use them to make some kind of healing salve. They are also good as a tea.
Baskets and baskets of Elderberries.

Wild hazelnuts as found on the tree.

When you take the green part off, they look like regular hazelnuts. We cracked them open with stones.


A refreshing swim in the river to end a great weekend.


  1. It all looks quite tasty! Thanks for telling us about your adventure and for sharing the pictures. : )

  2. I had no idea that bladdercampion was edible!

  3. Yeah! It's good too! In fact, it's mostly what I ate over the weekend until we found the fruit. One can go for days at least on those flowers plus the mallow.